For Agencies

Why is our company the best choice to entertain your target audience?

Our dancers

  • have more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry on board cruise vessels and on land based venues hosting performances in Casinos, for corporate events, weddings, shows, team building etc..
  • Our professional and higlhy skilled dancers and performers have graduated from Dancing Universities and notable Dance Academies and also professionaly raised by outstanding dance artists and graduate dance teachers from Hungary and the surrounding countries.
  • Compliance and application with high standards, etiquette and protocols.
  • Easy, multilingual communication with Hungarian and foreign guests.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Independent implementation such as music and video editing, costume sewing, cleaning and repair.
  • Pretty dancers who are proficient in professional makeup and hair making.
  • They are diligent, passionate and dedicated to thei job.
  • They are characterized by Hungarian virtus, willingness to do and warmth.
  • Smiling, open to different cultures and new situations.

What makes us more than a “dance show”

  • Interactive animation
  • dance with the audience
  • group and private dance lessons
  • ‘Dancing with the Stars’ alike programs.
  • organizing dance competitions
  • Zumba, Aqua Zumba
  • conducting various dance games
  • facilitating karaoke and other entertainment programs

Our Shows

  • From dreamed ideas to reality : with our creative team we will invent and create the production of your dreams.
  • Our choreographers and assistants are constantly working to bring something special and new to our shows.
  • Competitive and highly skilled dancers who are familiar with a variety of dance styles, so the palette of our shows is extremely colourful and diverse.
  • Acrobatics – we place great emphasis on visuals, dynamism and continuous development of the numbers to enhance the impact on the audience.
  • Show time: minimum 10 minutes – maximum 45 minutes
  • Our company currently has 6 x 45 minutes of ready shows
  • we realize your unique vision: singers, acrobats and live bands can be requested with any stage production (” From Dream to Reality“)
  • Interaction with the audience  whilst on stage 
  • Production of background videos / creation of lighting solutions

Costume Park

  • Our sewing brench, part of LDG, is located in Budapest  –
  • Our own costume park of thousands of pieces combines classic and contemporary fashion style, so we will appeal to all ages on the stage scene.
  • Quick change trick used in some numbers
  • eye and soul-catching visuals and flow  during the show
  • Wide variety of additional elements and items to enrich the costumes appearance and the shows.
  • From wigs to large women’s dresses,we have everything you need.
  • Chubby costume – a stuffed body that dancers put on their bodies and put on their costumes – that can add hilarious moments into the show

Official documents

The Latin Dance Group team arranges for all the official documentation required by ship protocols and by the international convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW code).

Our dancers have all the necessary documents for immediate boarding (passport, Basic Safety Training, medical exam certficate, pre embarkation visit, COVID-19 PCR test), so we are not only prepared on the artistic front, but we are also ready from the compliance side.

For seagoing’s jobs, events, weddings and performances abroad, all our dancers have the necessary documentation in their pockets.

In addition, all our dancers are aware of the rules apllying on cruise ships: 

How do we live on a cruise ship?

What rules do we have to follow?

How do we treat our guests?

How to work and live with on board colleagues?

The Latin dance group dancers are already well acquainted with these basic requirements.

The work is facilitated by the fact that the ship receives an already prepared, experienced and professional team, thus ensuring success.

Years of organizing experince behind us

For the 7th year in a row, the leader of the Latin Dance Group has been capable of sourcing a substantial number of dancing casts aboard cruise vessel thanks to the experince acquired all over the years.

In a very short time frame, the entire dance cast can be assembled, prepared for the show, organised and equipped with the selected costumes and all the necessary documentation.

Latin Dance Group’s  strength is based on very fast and efficient organisational skills. On demand,  our strong and dedicated team instantly understands different situations, fast and efficient problem solving and high stress tolerance enables the effectiveness and success of truly efficient work and the service ordered.

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