Dancer diaries

First chapter – Gergő

Best day on board:
It’s really hard to choose which one was my absolutely favourite day on board, because we always had good periods of time there like Christmas or the time in Turku. Eventually, I would say my favourite day on board was on the 4th of February. It was the second day of the week when my parents were on board. We were in the port of Palma De Mallorca. It was a sunny day and we had almost the whole day free. We spent the day together, I showed them the city, and we had an amazing family time together. Later on that day we had a dance lesson where to my mother joined also it was a lot of fun. At night we had the best Rhythm and dance show, the theatre was full and the audience was great and gave us a lot of power and positive feedbacks. It was also special to perform in front of my parents. They were so proud of me. After the show we were sitting in the Grand Bar talking and dancing. For me it was really emotional and special day, because after many years of work I was able to give them something back. They had never been on a Cruise ship before and it was on their bucket list. I know without them I would have never experienced something likethis. They were grateful and proud of me, and had an amazing week on board.

“Balikó Gergő”

Second chapter – Bianka

On June 14. 2019, one of my biggest dreams came true: the first cruise ship contract of my life began. After college, I would have had more opportunities to choose a different direction for my life, yet I felt it was my path to take.In fact, I was already consciously prepared for it during my studies, and I felt – if I got the chance – I had to go on a cruise ship. There is no other job weher I can see the world and do what my profession is: I DANCE. I’m very attached to my family, and I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I couldn’t see them in person every day and hug them. Luckily, they stood by me all the way. Although the worst of these times was their lack, they always supported me in everything because they saw how happy I was. I am grateful to them! I knew that if i leave, my Mom will be herat broken, but she always said: “Now you’re young and independent, when to go if not now?”In contrast, there were many people who would have preferred to be discouraged from this job, but my answer to this was; that there are dreams in life that one would never give up. And how well I did that I listened to my heart! Needless to say, their opinions also changed when they saw what beautiful places I have walked and I felt good. I think my love for ships comes from my childhood when I first saw the movie Titanic. I was indescribably happy that my first contract was in Asia. After all, anyone who knows me, knows how much I love this culture. I don’t think there was a happier person than me when I took my first steps on the boat and when we first sailed out into the open water.

So many times I imagined what it would be like, but it wasn’t like that, it was more than words can describe. I post a lot of videos and pictures on my social site. But I felt sorry for those people who can’t experience this miracle at least once in their lives. I honestly already guessed at that time that one of the happiest stages of my life was coming. We were away for 8 months, which at first sounded like a lot, but we didn’t feel at all, the time was flying very quickly. Of course, the fact that I got into a great team also contributed to this, and we were always there for each other when needed. Soon we became friends with the people who worked there, so the good mood was well-founded every day. I have met many new people from different countries and nationalities with whom I am still in contact. Thanks to Latindancegroup and Actual art Agency for the opportunity. I am confident that I will be able to get to see many more places and have the opportunity to present our wonderful shows in many parts of the world.